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Symposium Wrap Up! Seniors and Intergenerational Programs

Julie Frost, VIBE Arts, Stephen Couchman, event facilitator, and Jacquie Buncel, Sunshine Centres for Seniors

On April 26, 2017, Measuredoutcome.org brought together a diverse group of dedicated seniors and youth program providers and advocates to connect and share ideas, and to celebrate the launch our latest report, focusing on low-income seniors in Canada.

The morning was engaging and dynamic, and we would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the agencies who presented and to everyone who came to share their stories, challenges, and ideas on intergenerational programming.

“I met some interesting service providers and foundation board members who stimulated my thinking about the seniors’ sector and about my own agency.”

Agazi Aferwerki, Youth Empowering Parents


Old connections were rekindled, and new partnerships were formed, all with the purpose of expanding care and development for both seniors and youth in Toronto, and in cities across Canada

“I had many positive conversations and made many connections to whom I have already reached out.”

“Reconnecting with a contact from many years ago, discovering that we are doing similar things and deciding to meet again to discuss collaboration on a project! Also, widening the scope of what inter-generational programming looks like; hearing about the various existing programming here in our city.”

Barb Steele, Ashoka Canada, and Dr. Barbara Liu, Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, University of Toronto



Presentation slides from the event are available to download below.

If you would like more information on the issues around programming for low-income seniors in Canada, please download the full report here:

Download Report

“The symposium was great! …The other attendees were so interesting, I would have liked even more time to speak with them in small group discussions.”

“I do feel that I am thinking about things in a new way. Looking forward to next steps.”

The conversation has started…let’s keep it going by continuing to share ideas, learning, and success stories, and keeping up connections locally and across the country.

Thank you, again, to everyone who participated in the symposium, including:

Agazi Aferwerki – Youth Empowering Parents

Jacquie Buncel – Sunshine Centres for Seniors

Sharon Filger – Macaulay Child Development Centre

Julie Frost – VIBE Arts

Helen Montagnese – York Humber High School

And a special thank you to Barbara Steele, Director of Ashoka Canada, and Dr. Barbara Liu, Executive Director of the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, for wrapping up the event with their thoughts, impressions, and hopes for the future.

Slides from the talks are available here:

Measuredoutcome.org Sunshine Centre VIBE Arts York Humber HS