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What we do

Our partners each have unique needs. We collaborate with you to establish programs that tailor to your specific needs, objectives and population. Our goal is to deliver the best results in the most efficient and effective way.

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For Funders

Program evaluation can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming, but it is essential for making effective grant-making decisions. We offer tools and knowledge that can help you forge better relationships and build stronger communities.

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For Non-Profits

We work with non-profits to develop and share resources and gain a broader view of the value of your programs. Our experience and resources help connect you to your donors and program participants in new and direct ways.

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Our Recent Reports


Symposium on Seniors and Intergenerational Programs – April 26, 2017


When generations meet, good things happen. It is a simple concept and the core theme to an upcoming symposium that will be taking place on April 26, 2017 in Toronto.
What is the value in creating quality of life experiences for seniors?
Why is it important that children and youth have opportunities to spend time with older people in their communities?
It’s unfortunate that we even have to ask these questions. However, many seniors, especially those living in poverty, spend much of their time in isolation with few opportunities to enjoy companionship and contribute to community. At the same time, despite enormous and clear value, many youth miss out on exchanging their gifts of energy and enthusiasm for the wisdom and life experience

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Measuring the Impact of Animal Therapy Programs

I am a dog person. It doesn’t take much to get me talking about how much my dog enhances my life. How she brings people together….makes strangers smile…and gets me out of bed when I would sometimes just really rather sleep in past 5:30am.

Talk to most anyone with an animal in their lives, and they’ll likely tell you a similar story. But it turns out there is actually a growing body of scientific data backing up all of our anecdotal tales of love and healing when it comes to our pets.

Animals have been used in formal therapeutic settings since the 18th Century, to help both mentally and physically ill people cope with and recover from injury, illness and other challenges. However, it’s

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Celebration of Animal Therapy Programs in Ottawa

May 18, 2016, Ottawa

Dogs have been our best friends for thousands of years, but we have only recently begun to understand how strong our connection to our four-legged friends really is. Our latest Measuredoutcome.org report, which was launched in Ottawa on May 18, 2016, explores how three Ottawa-based programs help people at risk by fostering our bond with animals.

“Many animal lovers will tell you that their pet is their best friend,” said Rebecca Thomas, Measuredoutcome.org. “What we wanted to know was how animals are helping people overcome mental and physical health issues in ways that human relationships can’t.”

Operation Come Home, a Measuredoutcome.org partner agency, hosted the event, which featured speakers from the three agencies featured in the report.

Leaders and participants

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Our Partners