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What we do

Our partners each have unique needs. We collaborate with you to establish programs that tailor to your specific needs, objectives and population. Our goal is to deliver the best results in the most efficient and effective way.

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For Funders

Program evaluation can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming, but it is essential for making effective grant-making decisions. We offer tools and knowledge that can help you forge better relationships and build stronger communities.

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For Non-Profits

We work with non-profits to develop and share resources and gain a broader view of the value of your programs. Our experience and resources help connect you to your donors and program participants in new and direct ways.

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Our Recent Reports


From Incarcerated to Accountable


In 2013, Measuredoutcome.org conducted an evaluation on the CoSA (Circles of Support and Accountability) Calgary program. CoSA programs, present in five countries, including Canada, are restorative justice programs that work to reintegrate high-risk, released sex offenders into society after their release from the prison system. The programs have a high success rate, and rely very heavily on community volunteers to deliver their programs.

After completing the formal evaluation report, I was left with questions about who volunteers to work with these men, and what the volunteer experience was actually like. This article is based on a conversation that I had in late 2015 with one of CoSA Calgary’s long serving female volunteers.



Most of us volunteer, or have volunteered at

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Education for Street Involved Youth

Life is immediate and dangerous for thousands of youth on the streets in Canada. These young people end up homeless for multiple and often complicated reasons. Many have dealt with or are fleeing abuse, and many have mental health challenges, addictions, or learning issues to overcome. Longer-term planning and hopes and dreams for the future often become sidelines to the every day struggle of finding safe shelter and food in an often hostile environment.

In Ottawa, Operation Come Home offers homeless and at-risk youth a first point of contact to access counseling, stabilisation, employment, and education programs.

Many youth who come to OCH enroll in the Rogers Achievement Centre – an alternative school run in conjunction with the Ottawa Catholic School Board that works

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