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Beating the Odds – Scholarships for Youth Transitioning from Care

MO - Youth In Care Report_CoverBeating the Odds – Scholarships for Youth Transitioning from Care

Recently, focus has been increasing on youth in care as they transition to becoming adults. Statistics that track the progress of these young people as they move through the critical ages from 16 to 24 are not promising. Among other measures, youth in care are 46% less likely to complete high school than their peers, and only about 5% continue on to post-secondary studies.

Building on a 2011 pilot study involving 57 participants, this report explores the experience of 188 former youth in care associated with nine agencies in Ontario and Manitoba.

These young people fared better than many others in the same position. They completed
high school and are enrolled in or have graduated from university, college, or apprenticeship programs. All youth received post-secondary scholarships.

The studies tracked several factors related to the experience of these students,
with the main question being: Does making scholarships available to youth in care
affect their decision to seek out post-secondary studies?

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