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Celebrate Success – OCH Rogers Achievement Centre

Pages from MO_OCH RAC Report_CoverLife on the street is transient, unstable, and dangerous. For 8,500 to 11,000 youth across Canada, daily reality involves finding enough food to eat and a safe shelter to sleep in until the next day. Abuse, addiction, and circumstance have left these youth with few alternatives other than living rough, using emergency shelters, or couch surfing. Needs and goals become immediate and vital, and longer-term dreams and aspirations can easily fall away.

Operation Come Home offers front-line support programs that give at-risk and homeless youth the chance to participate in education, counselling, or stabilization opportunities. In addition to providing a number of employment and support programs for youth, OCH offers educational opportunities through the alternative school, the Rogers Achievement Centre. Established in 2006, RAC operates in partnership with the Lester B. Pearson High School and the Ottawa Catholic School Board, and supports around 90 street-involved and at-risk youth per year between the ages of 16 and 25.

RAC also provides social and literacy support staff who work with each student to set goals and provide help and guidance with a number of other programs, including addictions, mental health, life skills, and financial and language literacy.

Measuredoutcome.org was asked to examine the following key factors:

• Is the program benefiting youth by positively influencing their participation and performance in school?
• Do youth show positive development in attitudes or behaviours around school and future goals?
• How many youth graduate or are referred to other programs?
• Can a longer-term impact of the funds be tracked?
• Can any improvements be made to the program?

The following report explores the data and feedback collected over a three year period and looks at the impact of the Rogers Achievement Centre on the lives of 230 students at Operation Come Home.

To read more, download the full report:

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