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Wellness & Quality of Life Programs for Low-Income Seniors

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While the baby boom represents the wealthiest generation of seniors in history, a full 5% of Canadians over 65 live in poverty. For the most part, these individuals have access to reasonable healthcare, basic housing, and adequate nutrition; however, they often live in isolation with few opportunities to engage in their community, or to be able to connect, contribute, and enjoy life. In some cases, they also fall victim to neglect and abuse. This document centres on the approximate 16,000 seniors living in poverty or need in nine target communities in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, as served by 18 of the Foundation’s partner charities.

This report aims to help stakeholders identify and develop strategic guidelines for seniors’ quality of life programs. In addition to providing a broader context regarding seniors’ housing, welfare, and healthcare issues in Canada, this report summarizes a selection of initiatives and highlights feedback from these agencies. It also presents the most recent regional data in three selected provinces on seniors and poverty, and makes recommendations with regards to potential areas of funding focus and areas that might warrant further investment or investigation.


This report was initially commissioned as an internal review report by a Foundation who has a focus on funding programs for seniors living in poverty in Canada, and who wishes to operate anonymously. The focus of this report is to provide a sector review and recommendations to advise the Foundation on specific grantmaking activities. This version of the report has been edited from its original format in order to make the information and recommendations accessible to other stakeholders in the sector.


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