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What We Do

What is Measuredoutcome?

Measuredoutcome provides a collaborative, primarily web-based service for funders, non-profits and program participants, focused on gathering feedback and information on programs delivered in the charitable sector.

We work with our partners to create survey measurement tools that are designed to collect information over a period of years. This information can be used on an ongoing basis for a variety of purposes, some of which might include:

  • Improving communications with stakeholders, including program participants, staff, volunteers, grant recipients and donors
  • Comparing program effectiveness with self-similar service providers
  • Gaining direct feedback on how to improve existing programming

At Measuredoutcome, we work closely with our partners to develop effective programs that reach out directly and effectively to program participants or grant recipients.

Working with Measuredoutcome

As our partners all have unique requirements, we collaborate to establish programs that tailor to specific needs and objectives. Our goal is to deliver the best results in the most efficient and effective way for all parties. Measuredoutcome surveys are carefully constructed, and require a commitment of time and energy from both us and our partners.

Our team has extensive experience in the non-profit, government and corporate environments, with substantial depth of knowledge and experience ranging from small, grass-roots community programs to large-scale, global initiatives.

Survey Reports

We are able to accommodate any required language for purposes of the survey. All information gathered is confidential, and can be viewed at any time over the term of the partnership with Measuredoutcome.

Sector Comparison

Our partners benefit not only from direct feedback from their own program participants, but are able to access information from other, similar service providers, both in their community and globally.


The length of time required for each project depends on the scope and complexity of the project. We will typically have online materials active between 4-8 weeks from the inception of an agreement with a partner.

Measuredoutcome currently operates on a cost-recovery basis. After an initial meeting and information gathering session, we will present a proposal that includes a timeline, the steps/stages to undertake the engagement, the personnel involved, as well as an estimate for the program development cost.

The cost of the initial survey program varies according to the requirements, and takes into account a number of factors, including:

  • Number of participating organizations (size and reach of the survey);
  • Partner’s level of involvement in design;
  • Quality and quantity of existing information from representatives, written sources and previous surveys and/or evaluations;
  • Required number of surveys to obtain the objectives;
  • Type of survey questions and responses (quantitative and qualitative);
  • Language requirements;
  • Required approval processes, including passing of research ethics board, if required;
  • Follow-up requirements and evaluation requests from the Partner.

A continued partnership, beyond the initial first year, is discussed at the time of program inception. In years subsequent to the initial survey launch, Measuredoutcome continues to host the established survey, as well as maintaining the integrity of programs through stewardship and development of the original survey and the ongoing survey responses.

Additional services available through Measuredoutcome include:

  • Assessment and recommendation of action based on survey results
  • Comparative qualitative analysis of performance based on survey results
  • Structural consultancy